Essential Oil Course




180 days


About the Course

What are essential oils? How can they be used?

Are there any drawbacks to using essential oils?

Which essential oils are safe for pregnant women and children?

How do you dilute them? We'll cover all of this and so much more.

After going through this course you will feel confident about using essential oils in your everyday life!


Good Smells: Perfume & Diffuser Blending for Beginners

Recipes from my Ebook: Recipes From the Earth


Facial Steam

Massage oil

Lavender Room Spray

Autumn Spiced Potpourri

Fresh Lemon Sea Salt Scrub

Epsom Salt Bath Soak

Essential oil Perfumes

Diffuser Blends


How to Dilute Properly

Essential oil Safety Basics

Essential oil for Children

Essential oils for Pregnant women

The Breakdown

This course contains


26 Steps

13 Videos

Downloadable E-book

Recipe Cards

This course has a time limit of 180 days. 

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