Her Healthy Home

KhadiYah Preciado is a young stay at home wife and mother to two toddlers. On her small, less than quarter acre lot, she grows hundreds of pounds of food that she cooks from scratch and preserves on a daily basis. She loves gardening, raising chickens, and making natural beauty products and medicine for her family. KhadiYah strives to be the best biblical homemaker that she can be!

Find her on YouTube @ Her Healthy Home

KhadiYah's channel is dedicated to teaching and motivating other millennial homemakers like herself. Her 350+ videos showcase a wide range of skills such as canning, cooking, gardening, homemaking, homeschooling, prepping, and homesteading. She also features hauls, herbal remedies and DIY recipes.

I have been an essential oil user and product formulator for almost a decade. I also have hundreds of hours of experience in the herbal medicine field, which I am proud to be mostly self taught. I'm a self proclaimed book worm, but I have written three of my own. My first was written before the age of 25, I also made a homeschooling curriculum before I had children of my own. 

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